Tom Fletcher CMG is the former UK Ambassador to Lebanon and a Visiting Professor at New York University and the Diplomatic Academy. He campaigns for global education, the UK's creative industries, and the power of social media to create positive change.
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July 31, 2015

Dear Lebanon, Sorry to write again. But I’m leaving your extraordinary country after fo...

"No-one knows what Britain is anymore" - A Response

November 5, 2017

Steven Erlager has written a striking piece in the NYT today. It has been getting lots of Twitter...

Telephone Diplomacy: The Perils of the Congratulatory Call ...

November 17, 2016

Following the commentary about Trump's first round of telephone calls with leaders is a remin...


October 20, 2013

  1. Language. Several thousand years BC: through grunts and gesticulations, a Neanderth...

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August 23, 2017

Tom on the Today Programme

A senior General in the Syrian Arab army has told the BBC his forces are some 60 miles away from ...

January 5, 2017

Listen to Tom on the Today Programme

Sir Robert Cooper, former UK diplomat and European Commission official says there seems to be a & ...

December 6, 2016

Young Arab of the Year Award Goes To ... NYU Abu Dhabi Senio

NYU Abu Dhabi student Dubai Abulhoul has already accomplished more at the age of 20 than many peo ...

November 23, 2016

Emirates Diplomatic Academy celebrates Innovation Week

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the UAE’s international relations and diplomacy acad ...