Global Education

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Global Business Coalition for Education
I support the Global Business Coalition for Education, which aims to harness the private sector in the effort to get every child into school. You can find out more about the aims here. The effort is not just about fundraising, but bringing the creativity, ideas and problem solving ability of business to this most pressing global challenge. As part of the effort, we have launched the REACT (Rapid Education Action) platform.
Towards Global Learning Goals
This project aims to tackle the obstacles to helping the next generation learn the right things, in the right way. If we are to thrive in the 21st century, why, how and what do we all need to learn? Having drawn on the ideas of many of the world's great thinkers and pioneers, we are now building a new coalition behind a more coherent and versatile global education. Listen here to the 'Kindling the Flame' podcast. And download our final report here.
Hertford College, University of Oxford
I'm proud to be an Honorary Fellow of Hertford College, a small college with a big history at the heart of Oxford University. For more details about the college's progressive entrance policy and ambitious fundraising effort, please click here.