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Diplomacy and Power in a Technological Age

Tom Fletcher, CMG Principal of Hertford College, Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University.

Tom Fletcher - Oxford Union - Big Tech debate

Tom Fletcher - Big Tech debate (Opposition)

Gordon Brown on Summits, Vaccines and a Clockwork Orange

Exclusive conversation with Tom Fletcher hosted by 'How To Academy Mindset'. 

A New Global Purpose for Education? - LSE Online Event

The structure of schooling has barely changed since the introduction of the 1870 Education Act. With climate change, the global COVID19 pandemic and the impact of globalisation. Tomorrow's world will require a new set of skills and knowledge beyond our current system.

Can digital diplomacy serve the same purpose as physical diplomacy?

Tom joins Theresa Fallon, Director of Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies, & Youssef Amrani, Morocco's Ambassador to South Africa, to discuss this issue.

UWC Singapore: Navigating learning in the 21st century - 29 Oct 2020

In this first event of the series, UWCSEA explores with its global community the need for an evolution, and perhaps even revolution, of learning to meet the needs of humanity and the planet in the 21st century.