Video Gallery

The world's first Tech Ambassador

Tom interviews Casper Klynge to find out how he is reinventing diplomacy. Video credit: The National 

Tom speaking at the Arab Youth Survey Launch - 8 May 2018

"If these kids are going to ensure that the robots work for them, and that they don't work for the robots, they're going to need a whole new set of skills."

HoLs IRC Evidence session - 28 February 2018

Should we get away from screens and go 'back to the future?' @LordsIRCom asks.   @TFletcher: "If the robots are to work for us and not the other way round, we need to teach & assess creativity, adaptability, emotional intelligence. That's diplomacy."

Highlights from the Emirates Festival of Literature - 3 March 2018

Digital Diplomacy: Tom & Omar Saif Ghobash   Video credit: Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Portland Comms Soft Power 30 Launch - 18.07.17

Listen to Tom's views about soft power.