Tom Fletcher CMG is the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University. He is a former UK Ambassador, Visiting Professor at New York University and No 10 Foreign Policy Adviser.

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The Ambassador :
A global conspiracy. A man on the run.
In the aftermath of a global pandemic, a beautiful and charismatic human rights activist is murdered, live on the internet, at the British Embassy in Paris.

It is a mystery that no one wants solved.

But Ambassador Ed Barnes is determined to find the truth. This plunges Barnes into a world of cyber terrorists and warlords, taking him to Oxford, Copenhagen and Lebanon, where he picks up the trail of a shocking conspiracy.

Only Barnes can save his family, his diplomatic service and even his country.

But can he save himself?
‘A gripping need to read this’
Andy McNab

‘The author can draw authenticity from a career spent at the coalface of diplomacy’
Frederick Forsyth
Ten Survival Skills :
Ten Survival Skills for a World in Flux

To thrive in the twenty-first century, we all need to understand the challenges coming our way. And start adapting, now.

Climate change, mass migration, new warfare, big tech, further pandemics, authoritarian capitalism. Rather than be daunted by these challenges, this book charts a way that we can respond: a manifesto that can help us transform the way we learn, live and work together.

'This manual for humanity is a call to action for all of us'
Graeme Lamb, Former SAS Commander
“A scintillating humanifesto for creativity'
Andria Zafirakou, Global Teacher of the Year 2018
'A brilliantly-timed, incredibly important, gem of a book — over-flowing with wisdom and much hope too'
Zeid Ra’ad, UN Commissioner for Human Rights


Naked Diplomacy :
The Naked Diplomat: Understanding Power and Politics in the Digital Age

The Digital Age will put many industries, ideas and states out of business, and shift power away from governments. It will make it harder to marshall the coalitions needed to confront growing global challenges, from migration to poverty to terrorism. There will be winners and losers. How can diplomacy regain its mojo, and play its part in helping citizens use the superpower at their disposal?

'A diplomatic genius' Gordon Brown (2017)
'A great read from a brilliant diplomat' David Cameron (2017)
'Brilliant, funny polemic... a cracking read' The Times



The Battle for Liberal Democracy

In this series, Tom examines what future historians may well regard as the most fundamental issue of the 2020s: the complex, multi-faceted and far-reaching international contest between liberal democracy and its enemies.

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Towards Global Learning

Towards Global Learning Goals is a movement of educators, thinkers, pioneers, policy makers, innovators, parents and learners aiming to support a transformation of global education for the 21st century. 

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Global Tech Panel

A vital part of the new dialogue between governments and tech leaders, the panel is co-chaired by Microsoft President Brad Smith and EU Vice President Federica Mogherini. Tom and other members are looking for practical ways to work together to meet the challenges of the Digital Age.

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Follows Tom's travels from the Beqaa Valley to Silicon Valley to find out why the way we learn is failing to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Tom asks everyone - from prime ministers to tech CEOs to movie stars - how did their education shape their stories and what do the next generation need to learn in order to survive the 21st century?

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The Un Needs you

How Technology Can Help the United Nations Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century. Our suggestions are here - over 60 pages of recommendations and analysis. We have looked at how technology - from artificial intelligence to drones - can ensure that the UN is ready for the Networked Century.

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