Video Gallery

Highlights from the Emirates Festival of Literature - 3 March 2018

Digital Diplomacy: Tom & Omar Saif Ghobash   Video credit: Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Portland Comms Soft Power 30 Launch - 18.07.17

Listen to Tom's views about soft power. 

Diplomacy in a Changing World - ODI Event

Tom is joined by journalist Samira Ahmed in conversation on how we address the biggest global challenges in a digital era.

'The Future Foreign Service' hosted by MFA Denmark - 27.01.17

Keynote address by Tom on 'How the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide added value to the Danish society and its stakeholders by 2025?'   Video credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

CPA Congress Australia - Keynote

'Who will be in Government in the 21st Century? Governments, Business or Internet Titans?' Tom's keynote - 13:30 / 1:03:57