Video Gallery

Diplomacy in a Changing World - ODI Event

Tom is joined by journalist Samira Ahmed in conversation on how we address the biggest global challenges in a digital era.

'The Future Foreign Service' hosted by MFA Denmark - 27.01.17

Keynote address by Tom on 'How the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide added value to the Danish society and its stakeholders by 2025?'   Video credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

CPA Congress Australia - Keynote

'Who will be in Government in the 21st Century? Governments, Business or Internet Titans?' Tom's keynote - 13:30 / 1:03:57

Brexit: Britain's Biggest Deal

As we approach the next phase, great @bbclaurak @BBC documentary on Brexit. Small cameo from me on negotiating dynamic.

Live on LBC with Stig Abell

Tom will help Stig consider if we should have faith in the Brexit process, and if ambassadors need to be believers?


Tom arguing that the digital revolution can transform the Diplomatic Service - catch his Soapbox and Daily Politics interview here.