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  • Posted on : January 24, 2017
  • Posted by : Tom Fletcher

I’ve just finished teaching an intensive course on 21st century survival skills at New York University (at the Abu Dhabi campus). 
Our brilliant class - representing every continent - had as their final assignment a project to apply new technology to global challenges.
Their ideas included:
  • apps and games to incentivise better environmental choices
  • new social platforms to connect global citizens (like Tinder for the curious); help people get out of their echo chambers; curate news and opportunities for youth activists; and create space for activists and problem solvers to come together to tackle global problems
  • smart tattoos that can warn of natural disasters and help channel disaster response
  • technology to help refugees access education, teachers on the move to connect with pupils on the move, and vulnerable populations reduce the risk of sexual violence and access counselling 
  • a smart fridge that can reduce food wastage
  • an app that can connect rural areas to vital medical services
  • a platform for governments to share counter-terrorism information


We’re looking to share these with potential partners. Please get in touch if you want to connect direct to the students to discuss.

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