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International Advisory Council launches

Fed International - What the UK Can Learn By Looking Worldwide

The Federation today launches its International Advisory Council - and warns Britain has lessons to learn from around the world if it wants to safeguard its position as a global cultural powerhouse.

The International Advisory Council is intended to discover and share examples of best practice, policy and innovation in the arts, creative industries and cultural education worldwide with the aim of harnessing opportunities and measuring risk.  

The work was planned long before the EU referendum, but has taken on added urgency in the light of the decision to leave. 

Chaired by the diplomat Tom Fletcher, the council will be a mix of UK-based experts with an international perspective and experts from overseas. 

Tom Fletcher said: “As a diplomat, I have seen the huge power and potential of the UK's extraordinary creative industries. I am excited at the prospect of playing a more active role in ensuring we continue to be a world leader.

“The 21st century will throw huge change at us. The strongest economies will be those that prioritise their creative industries. This is the urgent and vital task ahead of us."

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