Video Gallery

Welcome Message - 1 Sept 2020

Tom Fletcher, Principal, Hertford College 

COVID-19 The New Historic Divide

Tom Fletcher and Thomas L. Friedman, to share insights on the implications of the pandemic on an already-fragile world.

Talk on the Future of Diplomacy

HE Omar Saif Ghobash in conversation with HE Tom Fletcher

Dubai Future Academy Ramadan Pioneer Series - Soft Power Post-COVID19

Tom Fletcher & Jonathan McClory look at how the pandemic will change the global league table?

OECD'S Forum for Education - Session 5 & Closing - moderated by Tom

Discussions on 'Achieving our aspirations'. Looking at how we realise our visions, what are the priority areas in which we need to make progress?

OECD'S Forum for Education - Session 3, what does it take to change education - moderated by Tom

Discussions with education leaders who achieved sustained transformation at scale